Funny Speech Topics For High School

Public speaking, an art which endeavors to entertain and inform, is one that is enjoyed by the willing and strong-hearted. Anyone can be a public speaker, as long as they have the penchant for translating ideas into an impactful and enlightening experience.

The benefits of public speaking apply not only to the audience, but also to the speaker. Speaking in front of a crowd can enhance a person’s self-confidence and widen his range of knowledge and interests.

Training for public speaking starts from as early as high school. High school students fall under the category of entry level public speakers. As such, they are given starter topics that consist of general knowledge or things of interest that people can commonly relate to.

Benefits of Public Speech in High School

Many high schools offer public speaking classes as a way of training students in the art of speech writing and delivery, while also developing their confidence and self-esteem. These classes sometimes incorporate debate activities, which enable the students to practice their speaking skills and encourage them to take a stand. These also help to educate themselves with, and formulate opinions on, current and often controversial issues.

On a less serious note, public speaking classes should be fun and foster imagination and creative thinking. The best way to entice high school students to come out of their shell and start speaking is to enable them to talk about light, uncomplicated, and even funny topics that interest them and the common listener.

Some suggestions for funny speech topics for high school public speaking classes include the following:

1. Faux pas

They can elaborate on an unusual or unforgettable experience in the classroom, such as blunders committed by their classmates or themselves.

2. First times

They can share something about the first time they used a word incorrectly in public, and what they have learned from that experience.

3. School topics

They can talk about a topic in class that baffled them and elaborate why, about a mistaken fact or information, and how they bluffed their way through.

High school students can provide a different perspective on things. Their fresh outlook, as well as their honest and unlettered approach to life, can precisely make up the ingredients for an interesting and worthwhile speech.