How to Write a Good Speech for College

Giving a speech in front of the class or in school events can be quite intimidating. The anxiety that one may feel before delivering a speech can affect the quality of the piece if you forget your lines or if you fail to convey the right tone of your message. It is important to learn how to write and deliver a speech effectively while still in college because it is a very useful skill that can help in one’s studies and in the professional world.

Readiness plays a big role in lessening anxiety. When you feel like you’re prepared for something, you become more confident in what you’re going to do and as a result, perform better.

Here are some tips on how to write a good speech for college:

1. Choose the best topic for you

If you have a choice on what your topic is going to be, choose one that you’re most comfortable with. It’s better if it’s something you are interested in or have ample knowledge on, because although you are still going to research about your topic, some personal insights give your piece a personal flair.

2. Make sure your topic is well-researched

Thoroughly study your topic and make sure your sources are reliable. Understand your topic well enough that you can explain it in its simplest form, so it can be conveyed clearly to your audience. Also, make sure you get to deliver the most important messages of the topic clearly and straight to the point.

3. Write it as you would say it

Try to write the speech as naturally as possible. You can practice delivering the speech as you are writing it to check if it sounds right and if it delivers smoothly. Also, enunciating it as you compose the speech makes you write it in the attitude you wish to deliver it with.

When you have written an excellent piece, delivering it in front of a crowd won’t be so daunting. You will know your piece so well, that even if you forget some lines you’d be so familiar with it that you can still convey the right message.